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Vice President You Zheng of Tsinghua University visited our College

Editor:    Date: September 24, 2019    ClickTimes:

On September 7, Professor You Zheng, vice president of Tsinghua University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to the College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering Jilin University for an exchange visit. All leaders of the college participated in this event.

Academician You firstly gave a wonderful academic report for our faculty and students in the academic lecture hall. He introduced the space microsystem technology and the related research in Tsinghua University. During the speech, some teachers discussed with Academician You about some key technologies. The informative report presented the latest research progress of related technologies at both domestic and overseas.

After the meeting, Prof. Lin Jun and President JI Yanju accompanied Academician You Zheng to visit the research laboratory of the institute. Academician You fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of our institute in the field of geological instrumentation and gave insights into the development of related technologies. Academician You also expressed his willingness to use the research results of Tsinghua University Collaborative Innovation Center for Micro and Nano Fabrication, Devices and Systems to support the scientific research development of our institute.

Through this exchange, it not only expanded the knowledge of the faculty and students on microsystem technology, but also prompted new thoughts on the future development of instrumentation and electrical, and provided new ideas for the integration and development of microsystem technology and geological instrumentation.

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