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Donation Campaign for Students in Need During the Epidemic Prevention

Editor:    Date: February 17, 2020    ClickTimes:

Since the occurrence of novel coronavirus pneumonia, in response to the serious situation of the epidemic, the Party Committee of the College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering has resolutely implemented the national and university decisions to prevent and control the epidemic and actively pay attention to the physical and mental health of students.

Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, travel is restricted nationwide. Some families of students in difficulty in our college are temporarily cut off from economic sources. In order to protect the normal study life of students with financial difficulties, especially students in Hubei Province and other areas with serious epidemic, the Party Committee of the College asked counselors, graduate secretaries, graduate student tutors and undergraduate class tutors to gain an in-depth insight into the students' situation. After the teachers' careful communication, 51 students in the college need financial support. In order to help students overcome the difficulties temporarily, on February 11, the Party Committee of the college issued the "Donation Initiative of the CIEE against the Epidemic" to all the teachers of the college.The initiative received positive response from the faculty members, and by February 15, a total of 28,400 RMB was received, which has been distributed to the students in need.

During the epidemic, communication between the faculty and students played an important role in order to grasp the overall situation of students during the holidays. In the communication, some students' words and actions also deeply touched the teachers. For example, a class tutor in the Electrical Department wanted to apply for a grant for a student in difficulty after getting to know his situation. The student said he was a Party member and could get through it despite his family's difficulties, and suggested that the college give the grant to students in more need. From this student, we saw the noble sentiment and excellent quality of a Communist Party member.

We believe that with the joint efforts of the whole college, we will be able to prevent and control the epidemic in our college.

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