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CIEE 2020 National Outstanding Students "Cloud" Summer Camp

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On July 10, the College of Instrumentation Science and Electrical Engineering (CIEE) held the 2020 National Outstanding College Students Summer Camp online in response to the call of the national epidemic prevention. This promotes the exchange among outstanding college students from various universities, enhances the understanding of outstanding college students to our college, and selects potential college students to continue their further education.The fresh undergraduates who participated in the Cloud Summer Camp activities came from Universities of Science and Technology Beijing, North China University of Electric Power, Central South University, Northeastern University, China University of Petroleum, Hubei University of Technology, Jiangsu University, Qufu Normal University, and various universities across China, including Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and Jilin.The summer camp was hosted by CIEE Vice President Tingting Lin.

During the meeting, CIEE Dean JI Yanju gave a presentation on the development of various disciplines, the history of development, major research projects and international exchanges in the college.She highlighted the various measures and policies adopted by our college in the cultivation of outstanding graduate students.After that, Prof. Sui Yang Yi, head of the instrumentation department, and Associate Prof. Li Gang, head of the electrical department, gave a detailed introduction to each department's industry respectively. The students who attended the summer camp had a more in-depth understanding of the research fields and research prospect of each discipline in the college.Finally, Yang Hong Yuan, Wang Shilong, Yang Guang and Jiang Chuandong brought the students a detailed introduction of their research directions on behalf of their respective team directions. The students had an in-depth communication with their instructors who have the intention to apply for the program.In addition, the students asked questions about the research direction, the curriculum of graduate school, the difference betweenAcademic master's degree and professional master's degree, the exchange of graduate students abroad and the choice of graduate school.

This "Cloud" summer camp is the first online admissions promotion activity under the new situation.It is of great significance to attract excellent fresh graduates and improve the quality of our graduate students.It further expands the reputation and influence of the college and lays a good foundation for our future enrollment work.

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